Art Prints by Fred A. Schmidt

The Whitetail Lodge proudly presents to you our Deer-Folks family!

Here is a rundown of the entire family tree: Willy & Winnie Whitetail, their children, Woody, a mischievous yearling, his sister Lil' We-Wee (Lil' We-Wee jus' started walking and is into everything!) and their spunky grandparents Wilfred and Winifred. The Deer-Folks family has been vacationing with us for many years. Their numerous trips to the St. Germain area have been both adventurous and humorous! Whether they're lounging in the hot tub at the Lodge, telling tall tails at the Inn or "hacking" up the golf course, we are sure that you will enjoy reliving their adventures as much as we do! And keep your eyes open because you never know where the Deer-Folks family's vacation will take them next - you may even see them on your visit!

About the Artist

Well-known Appleton, Wisconsin artist Fred A. Schmidt, started the Whitetail sketches. The idea of the Whitetail collection evolved when he was asked to paint a mural on a wall in the pool area of the Whitetail Lodge. The mural was never painted on the wall, but after visiting the Whitetail Lodge and Whitetail Inn, he was inspired with the idea of painting a whimsical collection depicting a "Deer-Folks" family's adventure in the St. Germain area.

Schmidt's favorite style of art is of Americana subject matter using satire and humorous interpretations like the Deer-Folks collection. As a detail oriented artist, Schmidt has multiple happenings for the viewer to find in each piece - like the symbolic little mouse doing its thing in each of the Deer-Folks pieces. Schmidt's work include various media but mostly oils, encaustic, watercolors, wax scraffiato and pen and inks.

Completely self-taught, he developed his talent as a schoolboy artist.

Other honors include: two signed prints which are in Moscow at the Institute of General History, Academy of Science of the U.S.S.R.; painting of a 25-foot mural at the Red Cross building in Barry, South Wales; founder and past president of the Appleton Gallery of Arts and numerous other awards at art shows and exhibits throughout the years.

The sample of prints you see below are all available for sale at the Whitetail Lodge. There are many more that we have that are not shown here so call us and ask about all the wonderful prints we have that were created by Fred A. Schmidt.
Artist Fred A. Schmidt